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We typically make grants of between £100 and £300 to clubs, teams or individuals. A larger donation might be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Any donation should have a significant impact in its own right, and should not be part of a club's wider fund-raising activities. The following are examples of what the fund can be used to support:

         a contribution to ground hire for a team wanting to play its inaugural match
         equipment for a team or player who may otherwise be unable to take part
         initiatives that will directly help to widen social access to adult friendly cricket
         training courses for aspiring ground-staff in how to prepare a cricket pitch
         an honorarium to recognise the contributions that a particular individual has made in running their cricket
           club at financial cost to themselves. This could include umpires and tea-makers.

No club, team or individual may receive more than one donation in a calendar year.

The Primary Parent Challenge: grants of up to £300 available

We have set up a special fund to support social cricket matches between the parents of primary school children. Why? Because cricket is a great way to build social networks between adults and children, and primary school parents are a ready-made community of young(ish) adults ripe for returning to cricket, and getting their children involved too.

We are offering grants of up to £300 to go towards the hire of a pitch, and the purchase of a match ball and some shared kit. Here are the four steps you need to take to qualify for the grant:

   1 Find a parent at a nearby primary school who shares your love of playing social cricket. (They might not have
      played cricket since they were at school.)
   2 Find a local pitch to hire. (It might be a secondary school pitch, a municipal ground or a local cricket club.)
   3 Arrange with them a date during the summer term for an evening or afternoon match.
   4 Use your school's newsletter to advertise for parents who would like to play in the match.

Once you have arranged a match, contact to ask us for a grant.

If you want some tips on how to make these matches fun and inclusive, you could copy the successful model used by schools in Dulwich, South London. Read about it here.

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