The Trustees

Rob Eastaway was introduced to cricket by his Australian dad. His first book What Is A Googly?, an explanation of cricket for the uninitiated, has been in print since 1992. All royalties from this book now go to the Googly Fund. He has played friendly cricket for The Mandarins CC since he left university, and still finds himself opening the bowling. Annie Chave is child number four of a cricket-obsessed professor, so her path in life was predetermined. She is the editor of County Cricket Matters magazine and a regular commentator for Guerilla Cricket.

Helen Porter has been watching cricket since the age of 8. Although she has rarely played, her brother did, as does her husband, son (occasionally) and daughter (incredibly regularly!). Helen supports her local cricket club and keeps a very neat and colourful scorebook. Dan Forman grew up playing cricket in multi-cultural, comprehensive state schools, Dan is especially committed to expanding the social reach of the game. He is on the committee of three cricket clubs, as chair of junior cricket at Streatham and Marlborough CC, fixtures secretary of the Mandarins CC and tour manager for the Superstars CC.
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